These are some old articles by the staff. Fun to look at while they are writing new.
WEEKLY REVIEW    What can we say about Donald J. Trump? Impeached again! And gets away. Again!
They did it, yes they did it. The trial and everything! And as predicted, he was acquitted again. There is so much to say on all of this, we are going to let our writers have their say. It goes from political to cultural to ethnic to just plain stupid. letting this be a pass on the behavior of a President is beyond unacceptable. To be sure, this will come to haunt somebody, sometime. One party of power whomever it may be at the time is not going to let this go without trying it again in the name of normal. I could use so many analogies, but the simplest is the best. Why does a bank robber not stop with one bank? Because they didn't get caught!
Education Is Real Power For Change.
Both parties have renegades and extremists, but somewhere in the middle of both parties is where the large aggregate are positioned. There is much to read and much to learn. You are not going to learn it on the television by watching snippets of one network or program. Television is about advertising and they are marketing their words to a demographic who are buying what they are selling. If you want to be truly informed you need to look at what everyone is saying from all of the mediums and use your brain.
What ideal is  going to help you and your fellow man?

Mark Moore
Who are the Republicans and who are the Democrats?
What are their platforms and what is their ideology?
While everyone is arguing, do they even know what they are arguing about?
A good place to start is by getting some education.
Learn some of the  fundamentals of each party. .
These are not perfect examples, but they are an excellent start.


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