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The Staff

Remember the Inquisition? Looks like it's coming back.
Who said opinions matter? 

Opinions are like, well never mind that. We have plenty of room for everyone. 

Do you lean left or do you lean right? Whatever it is, try not to tip over.

Instead of trying to drive between the lines on the road, everyone has jumped the curb and driving completely off the road. 

The only thing you are likely to find out there in the wilderness are the crazies. Republican or Democrats, it doesn't matter. 

Sanity has escaped some of those in both parties. Common sense is now uncommon.

Agree with me or not. It doesn't matter. Educate yourself from more than one source of information.

Try turning the TV off and reading from many sources. If you just gotta' watch TV, try a good western movie.

Jack L. Wilson

Be The Boss!

Somebody is to blame and they can't say, "I didn't do it." 

Politicians spend their day talking to each other about their idea of improving our lives? Really? I look at my I Phone dozens of times a day, because I can't live without it. And I have not had one call from any politician asking my opinion. Not from a state or national  politician. They get their ideas from special interest groups, that would be lobbyists or from fringe groups.

Jerry Mahoney 

Razzberries for today
The Faces of Success? BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Kevin McCarty.jpg
Nancy Pelosi.jpg

These two people are leaders in our government. We sent them to Washington to represent our interests.  That's not working out too well. 

Politicians in Washington have become less concerned about how the country is doing and more focused on their own personal success.

Bi Partisan politics. What is that? 

You can be sure that it is not happening in Washington.

Everyone is marching left right left to the drum beat of special interests and fringe groups who are spreading fear.

Jack Wilson 

Donald Trump was gaslighting America for 4 years and countless more before that. He and his sycophants are still doing it. It's part of his  character, his personality, his being. He was taught it was the way to success when success was not even a remote possibility. 

Now the gaslighting is coming from both sides of the political isle. Too much of the political talk is out there for public consumption and not enough is going on between the parties in discussion and negotiation. Everything is in play for media consumption and ratings popularity. Some things need to be agreed to, even if they are not popular. That is called negotiating to find a result that is good for all. 

To all the politicians. Take your foot off the gas!

Dennis Farrell

Mitch McConnell.jpg 

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